2018 Ford F-150 All-Terrain Capability - Brownsville, TX

2018 Ford F-150 Technology

The 2018 Ford F-150 is a popular pick among truck buyers. It's built for dependability, offers a top-notch range of engines, and has a suspension and platform fine-tuned for performance -both on- and off-road. The Ford F-150's capability on all types of terrain speaks for itself.

On the Road

A rigid frame, high ground clearance, and confident stance combine to make for smooth driving dynamics on the highway. The Ford F-150 tows and hauls like a dream on the road, with reviews calling its on-road performance "well-behaved" and "fun to drive." Not only that, but the F-150 experienced a recent weight loss in 2017 models, so it is more efficient and more lightweight than ever before.

Construction Work

The Ford F-150 works both hard and smart, with the aforementioned towing and hauling allowing you to bring along all the necessary tools and cargo without breaking a sweat. It handles well on dirt, providing unrivaled ride quality that absorbs any shallow holes or bumps in the ground. You can also opt for high-tech trailering systems that make the whole process easy and safe.

Desert Driving & Forest Trails

A Ford F-150 offers a steel frame, a capable suspension, and tires with plenty of traction, especially if you opt for the available Raptor trim. No matter what, however, the Ford F-150's confident ride and long list of capabilities allow it to crawl over sand dunes or drive through the woods without losing its effortless power and performance.

Mud and Other Tough Terrain

Systems and features like four-wheel-drive, different driving modes, alternate engine options, and the F-150's incredible ground clearance make it easy for the Ford F-150 to plow through mud, gravel, and other tough terrain like it's nothing. Driving the 2018 Ford F-150 will grant you a new level of confidence you've never experienced before.

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