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Ford has a wide variety of options to fit your driving lifestyle.Ford has a wide variety of options to fit your driving lifestyle.

Pickup Truck

The Ford F-Series family of trucks is known as the best-selling vehicles in the United States. They are built to be capable, powerful, and versatile. Pickup trucks are a good pick if you need to haul a lot of cargo, enjoy off-road weekend trips, or need a dependable vehicle for work. The Ford F-150 Raptor in particular offers capable off-road performance, while Super Duty® models come with major towing and hauling capacities for heavy-duty jobs.


In recent years, crossovers have become a competitive segment in their own right. Combining the size and capability of an SUV with the smaller size and driving dynamics of a car, crossovers embody the best of both worlds. The 2020 Ford Flex and Ford Edge are two incredible options in the crossover segment. They both provide ground clearance and SUV-style confidence on the road while also being more efficient and car-like.

Small or Mid-Size SUV

SUVs are a versatile segment, offering tons of cargo space and a good amount of towing capacity while also being family-friendly. Vehicles such as the 2020 Ford Escape and Ford Explorer provide smaller and more maneuverable options if you want something a bit more capable than a crossover.

Full-Size SUV

If you want the heavy-duty capabilities of a truck but still need the space, versatility, and all-around adaptability of an SUV, a model such as the full-size 2020 Ford Expedition will suit your tastes. High ground clearance, four wheel drive, and a more truck-like frame are hallmarks of the full-size SUV segment.


The most common type of car on the road is a sedan, known for its spacious interior and four-door functionality. Sedans are popular because they are small, provide good performance, and are very efficient and family-friendly. The Ford Focus, Taurus, and Fusion are popular examples. If you're looking for something sportier, consider the two-door, low-riding 2020 Ford Mustang, which also comes in a convertible style for an ultimate driving experience.

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