Why Buy an SUV | Brownsville, TX?

Buying a new car for you and your family comes with a lot of questions. One of the biggest decisions you will make is settling on what category of vehicle you want. If your family is active, busy, and always down for an adventure, you should consider buying an SUV. The extra space, advanced safety features, and impressive capabilities are sure to leave you and your loved ones satisfied.

Cargo Space

The simplest reason to buy an SUV is the extra interior cargo space they hold when compared to a sedan or a truck. Everyone in your family has different activities and obligations; the ample cargo room afforded by an SUV will enable you to carry your kids' school and sports equipment alongside your work materials, camping gear, and more.

Room to Stretch

No one wants to be cramped during a long drive for a vacation or weekend getaway. SUVs are spacious enough to give everyone room to stretch while also leaving enough space for all your supplies. Even if you have a family of seven, an SUV will allow everyone to be comfortable in their own space.


Modern SUVs offer towing capabilities that are much closer to a pickup truck than they are a sedan or compact car. If you want the ability to take your boat or camper along for any trip at any time, an SUV promises to get the job done.


Today's SUVs are equipped with a wide range of safety functions designed to give you eyes and ears where you didn't have them before. The size of an SUV gives you more protection in the event of a collision while also allowing room for more airbags.


While it's often assumed that SUVs lack in terms of fuel efficiency, modern technological advancements have given some SUVs the ability to reach over 30 MPG on the highway, saving you money and time.


If these benefits have convinced you, bring your family down to Tipton Ford and explore our lineup of new and used SUVs today.

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