Community Organizations and Events Donation and Sponsorship Requests

Welcome to Tipton Auto Group's Community donation and sponsorship request page! Here you will find more information on how to request a donation or sponsorship for your organization.

Our family owned business values giving back to the communities in which we work and live. Growing up in Brownsville, Mr. Tipton knows how important it is for businesses to extend opportunities to area families and our youth in order to preserve and strengthen our local community.

We are proud to sponsor local events, fundraisers and a variety of programs for children and families. We believe that contributing now will create a brighter future for Brownsville, Texas.


Please fill out this form to submit a proposal for a donation or sponsorship for your Community Organization.

Is your organization non-profit in Texas?
Has the IRS granted tax deductible status for gifts?
What is your relationship to the organization?
Is your organization registered with the Better Business Bureau?
Have you or your organization purchased a car from Tipton Motors, Inc.?